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Willow WonderBull

Willow WonderBull

Taking Your Dog to Public Events

Taking Your Dog to Public Events.

Life Begins where your Comfort Zone Ends

Nothing better than a Pack Walk.

My 1st Adoptaversary!

My 1st Adoptaversary!

Rally to Rescue in January marked my 1 year Adoptaversary!  I had been in my furever home for a whole Year!  I had to go to the event to Celebrate and visit with my Rescuer Pam, from RUFF Rescue.  I took my Foster sister Lexi with me, this would be her first event.  We had a good time walking around and visiting with the various rescue groups.  We met a few Facebook Fans,(which seems so surreal that people are seeking me out).  I gave Miss Pam Lots of kisses when I saw her.  I hung out with my friends at Pit Stop Bully’s Rescue and got to play with one of the puppies.  Lexi did fantastic and was a  big hit, everyone wanted to love on her.  Before we left I even got to get a bath and a nail trim.  On the way home we stopped a very doggie friendly restaurant for dinner.  It was a good day.  I am lucky to have such a wonderful life

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My Furry Valentine!

My first meeting with Scar and Darla from Pibble to the Rescue. Love the Wag Schwag Collars!
Me and Athena,a rescue pittie, sitting pretty for treats.
I paid my Dollar…..but I think I’ll just blow the piggy a kiss.
I changed this family’s view of Pit Bulls! They even trusted me to kiss the baby!
I got to hang with some really cool kids! I love the hats!
I stopped by to give some Love to Pam, my Rescuer, from RUFF rescue.
My Furry Valentine

Is That Willow WonderBull? The Power of Social Networking.

My Furry Valentine

It started out like a typical Saturday, pick out an outfit, pack up our gear and head out for a day of Events.  Me and Jade arrived at Our Furry Valentine event at a local shopping center.  I got dressed in my new pink and white t-shirt and Tutu with hearts. As we reached the main street I heard,” Is that Willow WonderBull?!!” Who are these people??  How do they know me??  They are my Facebook followers!  I have Fans!  I was stopped every few feet for a photo op with my new friends.  The Pit Bull rescues all knew who I was, so I hung out with the rescue Pitties while the Moms shared stories about us Pibbles.  Kids and families wanted to meet me too….they couldn’t resist a Pit Bull in a Tutu and that gave Mom an opportunity to tell them about our temperment and history.  I was really starting to make a difference! I was really an Ambassador. This was the first event that I got this reaction.  It reiforced  that I was doing something important.

Feb. 2012

I Love My Pack Walks

What is this Pack Walk thing all about?! Mommy kept talking about it and even got me and Jade, backpacks or pack-packs as we call them.  The first time we went on a pack walk, it was just me and Mommy.  When we got to the park there were several other people there with lots of Pitties. Our Leader, for the day, Miss Ashlie, brought 5 dogs, another 3 dogs, another 2 dogs…..Mommy was feeling a little out of her league and thought maybe she should have attempted to bring Jade too.  But we still were pulling quite a bit and getting excited with other dogs around, more than 100 pounds of pittie combined was a challenge.  At first I got really excited with all those dogs around, but it was apparent that this was a “Walk”.  Mom was in control…we walked along at a good pace and there would be no sniffing or playing….we walked along side different dogs so I would get used to having other dogs close by without playing.  I wore my Pack-pack and carried 2 bottles of water, my water bowl and the car keys.  We took a couple of breaks and then continued our walk though the wooded trails along like a small lake. When we were all done I got to play with Annie, the Pittie Puppy, who kept up amazingly well and still had energy to spare.  We have gone on several more Pack walk since that first one on New Years Eve.   I always get to meet new dogs and people. Sometimes we go to Nature Parks and other times we go to public Parks so the public can see us out and about and we can practice our manners around strangers.  It is pretty impressive to see a Pack of 5-15 Pit Bulls strolling along peacefully together. Mom is getting more confident too.  She frequently walks me a Jade together, she has even taken Lexi with us at the Park, yup, 3 Pitties.  I’m very proud of her.  The More we walk together, the stronger our bond becomes.  I think it is a great way to hang out with friends and their people, and a it’s great way to met new friends.  So get out there with your Doggy friends and take a Pack Walk.

Below are some Tips from Miss Ashlie of Pit Stop Bully’s Rescue, my Favorite Pack Walk Leader.

A few rules: ~ We do not introduce any dogs until they are tired from walking ~ Please no flexi-leashes ~ No dogs in heat (altered dogs always preferred) ~ Make sure your dog has his/her rabies tag on ~ Always be respectful of each dogs space ~ Please carry poop bags! ~ HAVE FUN!

Working Exercise. What is working exercise? It’s not letting the dogs run around like maniacs in the backyard. It’s not taking them to the dog park. Working exercise is just that, working. When we are walking, my pack is working for me. They stay at my side or just behind me, acknowledging that I am their pack leader. They are not allowed to stop, sniff, urinate or defecate on our packwalks. What we are doing here is catering to a dogs innate needs. They are pack animals, and as such should be migrating daily. It’s quite amazing the bond we build in the pack. Even when I accept new members 🙂  It’s the perfect way to integrate a new dog into the Pack.